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Elaine Zicree

writer, producer, director

Star Trek: New Voyages
Bonnie & Clyde: End of the Line
Space Command

Elaine Zicree is a filmmaker who started as a writer-director in New York theatre, then moved on to work with her husband as a writer in series television, including developing a pilot for Showtime and a second in association with Tom Fontana (HOMICIDE, OZ). 


She was also nominated for the prestigious Humanitas Prize for her work for PBS and, transitioning into independent film, produced a one-hour drama on the web which went on to be nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula, and won the TV Guide Award (against studio product). 


This lead to her work as a co-writer/producer/director on an ambitious independent science fiction film series SPACE COMMAND. She is currently developing character-driven dramas which celebrate the power of the individual battling against all odds for the greater good.


The Voiceless Roar

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